What We Offer

| What we offer

For our $10/Month Membership The Teacher's Tribe Offers the Following:

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    Teacher Accelerator Training

    Each Week we will release a training video that you can implement and use in your classroom today. The video will be no more than 30 mins in length. The Purpose of the Teacher Accelerator Training is to provide strategies to better reach our students.  

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    Private Facebook Mastermind Group

    Once you have joined The Teacher's Tribe, I will provide you with an invitation to join our exclusive Facebook Mastermind Group. Within the group, you will be able to post questions and to provide feedback for all things impacting education. If you have an education-related issue, post it to the Mastermind group. We will share solutions, thoughts and strategies.

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    Live Q & A

    Each week, I will stream a Live Q & A session for educators to ask questions and to provide feedback on educational topics. You will be given an opportunity to call in during the live stream and to ask questions. I will answer questions and take feedback and suggestions from members on the live stream.  

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